The Team


Martyn J. G. Warren

Martyn (joined 1970) reviews all accounts and tax returns and attends to all incoming and outgoing mail, including e-mails. Martyn's main strengths are as a technical resource to both members of staff and clients. He specialises in personal tax & financial planning, including Inheritance & Capital Gains Tax. Much of his work also relates to business start-ups and business acquisitions & disposals. He has strong links with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, having sat on their National Practitioner Tax Committee and having been the liaison officer between the H.M. Revenue & Customs and Chartered Accountants in South Wales. He was also their organiser for the Continuing Professional Development of members in the South Wales area.  Martyn has also represented the Institute nationally on various HM Revenue & Customs committees.


Gail Kurowski

Gail (joined 1976) is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the office and deals with all matters relating to fees and suppliers. On the technical side, Gail is also involved in company formation, general company secretarial work, probate work and student loans.


Nicholas Metallinos

Nick (joined 1979) has the largest portfolio of clients within the office, comprised of sole traders and partnerships. In addition Nick prepares personal tax returns, maintains clients' payroll and prepares quarterly VAT Returns.


Kenneth Rock

Ken (joined 2001) devotes his time almost entirely to tax work. This includes H.M. Revenue & Customs enquiry cases, the construction industry and the collection of tax. Ken is also responsible for the preparation of client's payroll and associated work regarding employees' benefits and National Insurance.


Lorraine Clutterbuck-Jones

Lorraine (joined 1984) now works part time because of parental commitments. Her work mainly comprises the accounts of both small businesses and limited companies and the associated tax work.


Debbie Lawes

Debbie (joined 1992) actually left the firm in 2000 and then rejoined us the following year. Her family restricts her hours so that she is only able to work part time. Debbie assists with the administration of the Practice.

The Practice

In 1931 my late father, Aubrey Warren, commenced his life in public practice at 74 Wyndham Crescent, Cardiff, the house in which he was born. The room in which he was born now serves as my office in an accountancy practice that has seen only two principals in over 90 years of continuous service to the business community.

The firm has always maintained its independent status and has no formal relationship with any other accountancy practice. The firm is also entirely independent of any financial services provider. Consequently we receive no benefit, financial or otherwise, from third parties in relation to advice given to the client. Our advice is given exclusively for the benefit of the client and our remuneration comes solely from fees charged to our clients for work done and advice given. Where we consider that the client requires specialist services we are able to call on the expertise of other professionals in tax, accountancy and related fields of activity with whom we have enjoyed close associations over many years.

Our years of experience have confirmed our long-standing opinion that clients benefit from the general financial and business advice we are able to provide. Whilst we are able to provide the client with those accountancy and taxation services necessary to the functioning of their business (including statutory compliance) we perceive our services as extending beyond this valuable and very necessary work.

We are able to provide financial advice over a wide range of subjects directed specifically to the client needs. Our approach is that of mentors and guides. Those who recall, perhaps with some affection, the role of the traditional bank manager will recognise the additional service we offer.

We recognise that each client has different objectives, views and opinions in relation to their financial affairs. We also recognise that the services required to satisfy the client requirement are both varied and unique to each client. It is our objective to offer choices of action, be it in accounting matters, tax planning, investment decisions or any other area of financial activity, which clearly identify the options available and the consequences for the client of choosing options. The advice given includes consideration of compliance with relevant legislation.

At present we have a select client base. We have never advertised our services and have no intention of doing so in the future. The personal nature of the service we offer is our strength and also places a self-imposed limit on the size of the practice. We look forward to continuing to provide this very personal service, indeed in many ways a bespoke service, to all clients both present and future in the long established tradition of this unique practice.

Martyn J.G. Warren